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We Dedicate Ourselves to Excellence

Natural Stone Patios and Steps
Natural Stone Borders Around Pool
Custom Stone patio, seating wall with columns and planter area.
Custom Stone Patio, Seating Wall, Columns, Lighting and Planters
Pennsylvania blue flagstone double banded water edge & Metallic Epoxy Garage
Static Line Brewery
3/4 Flaked Garage - Jet Black and Alpine
Decorative Quartz Driveway - Camel
Warehouse: Epoxy Flooring
Shop:  Custom Striped Epoxy Garage
Lab: Traditional Custom Coating System
Carved Stone Fountain Feature
Stone wall Water Feature built into Patio
Stone Privacy Wall and Vase Water Feature
Twisted Vines Vineyard and Wedding Venue - Stained Concrete


Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC. is a trusted name in the epoxy flooring and stonework industry. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in installing high-grade epoxy flooring, natural stone, cultured stone, brick, Eifs and more.

Our team of OSHA certified construction professionals ensures that our work is up to code and of the highest quality. Contact us today for all your residential, commercial, and industrial flooring needs.

Great news!
Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC's stained concrete floor installation for
The Holly Springs DMV
was featured on
ABC News "Good Morning America".

Check out the video below to see stunning results.
*Please note that there be a commercial before the video starts.*

GMA Good Morning America

If the video above does not appear, please make sure to enable JavaScript for this website or click on the link to visit the ABC website. 

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